Albie’s first overnight hospital stay


The first time your baby sleeps through the night – and in their own bed – should be a positive, milestone moment.

Albie managed this last night, a long six-plus months after he was born. We are, though, unsure of whether to feel elated or concerned.

In a day of firsts, yesterday marked our monkey’s maiden overnight hospital stay.

As the ‘spews’ bit of this blog title suggests, Albie has always suffered from severe reflux as well as a suspected milk allergy. Thanks to a combination of special milk called Neocate and Gaviscon-like medication, Omeprazole, his spewiness had improved.

But over the last couple of weeks, the reflux symptoms have worsened again and after more than a week of tummy bug symptoms, off he went to the GP.

We knew he wasn’t right yesterday when he fell asleep on his play mat. Until now, he’d only settle on a shoulder or our bed (*cough, co-sleeping, he says as he fights back tutting professionals with garlic and wooden stake in hand!).

A few hours on, we were being admitted to Worthing Hospital’s children’s ward. Mainly for monitoring and tests, I think doctors were concerned about possible dehydration.

You should never be pleased to see your little ones in discomfort but, in a way, it came as a relief when Albie backed up our reflux concerns by promptly spewing – twice – over the hospital assessment unit’s floor!

Turned out he loved his big metal cage. Typical…

Upon admission, with our heads already in a spin, we faced an alarming realisation. He’d have to sleep in a cot.

How would a co-sleeping child, so attached to Mummy and Daddy, cope in this green and blue metal cage? Even if there were Minions on the wall, it seemed an impossible task to get him to settle.

Imagine my surprise from my eerily quiet bed, having had to leave Albie and Mummy at the hospital overnight, that our cheeky child had managed a full night in the cot!

Sorry for the goo – but it’s a good PR shot to demonstrate the ‘spew factor’. Bear in mind Albie was sitting on the other side of the hospital bed before this productive projectile! And that’s only half of round one…

Fortunately, Albie was discharged this evening, with all the major tests coming back ok. We’re awaiting a final result in a couple of days for the complete all-clear.

He’s a little brighter today but still not quite his bubbly self – and as I speak he’s hitting another milestone…sleeping alone in his cot at home.

Should we be delighted that our brave warrior is doing so well in his own bed, or concerned it’s so out of character?

I’d welcome your stories of how you got your little ones into their own beds and tips for the inevitable moment he regains full fitness and lungpower!

Many thanks to the amazing hospital staff on Bluefin ward. We couldn’t be happier with the care, especially from the two brilliant nurses who looked after Albie 🙂

Surprisingly, a brighter Dr Albie didn’t have a reasonable diagnosis for his symptoms, unless ‘goooooo’ is one of those posh medical terms.





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  1. Trudi Starling says:

    You are getting off lightly, my son never slept for more than an hour, day or night, til he was 16 months old. Whatever you’re doing must be right because he’s making such good progress. Trying to get him to stay in his bed when he outgrew his cot? Well, that really was a challenge.


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