Why bank holidays might be a bonus – but are actually a bit of a pain

Bank holidays are great for boosting precious family time – but if you have a refluxy baby, the extra day comes with added risk.

While maximising magic moments, the extra day increases the odds of being struck by projectile puke by a third – and it’s not like they need the invite. They’re perfectly capable of giving it a good go in two days.

Bank holidays allow us to kick back in the garden with a mojito (I imagine that’s what you do. I don’t have a garden!), or watch Tinga Tinga Tales (tales from Africa etc…) on a loop and wonder why the animals sound more Caribbean than African.

Bank holidays are tiring…

But as a parent, it’s not the games of ‘sick dodgeball’ which bother me about bank holidays. It’s the Tuesdays.

As a journalist on a weekly paper, bank holidays always prove a tricky task. While most of us, apart from the poor duty reporter, enjoy the time off, when we return we have the same number of pages to complete.

There’s no let up in terms of making the papers smaller. It’s business as usual, delivering the same amount of content that we produce in an average week, minus a day.

Don’t forget, too, that we don’t just have to fill the boxes which get the paper done. Now, it’s maintaining a 24-7 news operation online and pumping all that content out on social media to ensure you all see it.

Pleased to report I wasn’t the bank holiday worker. I escaped from parent duties on Sunday to see the excellent Michael McIntyre in Brighton

It is, then, a real relief when you return home for more of those special moments with your loved ones.

Rest assured, though, that even if you largely avoid those projectiles from Saturday through until Monday, the little blighters will always get you on Tuesday.

Sorry, Mr Snooker, but it’s the wash for you…again.

Just a minor spew to welcome me home. While going to work in a busy bank holiday week can be a pain, it turns out I missed Albie’s spewy morning ‘main event’!





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