A shout-out to the mums


Albie loves his Mummy.

That was apparent tonight, if not already, as he desperately tried to crane his neck around Daddy to see her as Daddy tried to spoon an unknown combination of pureed fruits into his distracted baby’s gob.

Maternity leave mums have it more difficult than we sometimes give credit for.

As I fought falling asleep at my desk in the early weeks, I wondered who had a tougher job.

In truth, though, work is a bit like an extended crèche for dads. Fortunately, in the case of journalism, it’s usually a fun crèche, before returning home for a few hours of responsibility.

By responsibility I don’t mean it in a negative sense. Parenting is such a positive, fulfilling duty, but regardless of whether the day is full of smiles, laughs and Cbeebies, or one of those to chalk up and look forward to the next, it has a habit of taking it out of you.

Mums don’t get a ‘break’ – and they’re often on their own come rain or shine.

hanalb 2

Hanna takes all this in her stride. The bond she shares with Albie is incredible.

There’s never frustration, despair or resignation, no matter how many changes of clothes she’s been through thanks to Albie’s reflux.

If there’s anything to despair, it’s probably that Daddy’s two main hobbies are golf and snooker. Both time-consuming sports (yes, I meant sports!), reaching any standard requires dedication.

Babies tend to use up your dedication stocks, so there’s little time to hone such sports. As luck would have it, I never reached a standard in either, so had little to lose.

In any case, a rare nine holes of golf extended today’s Daddy Crèche – and it’s thanks to an understanding Mum working overtime that enabled it.

Needless to say, you can replace every instance of the word, ‘mum’, in this blog with ‘dads’ if it’s them who are the ones who stay behind. You all do a great job, too!

Now, Hanna, how are you set for Friday?

Later on Thursday: Our review of The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs, a BBC documentary which touched on cows’ milk allergy in babies. Click here to watch it.

Great to see that during my absence from golf, someone else learned how to find the precise spots I usually end up in!








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