Learning from experience: Developing a sixth sense for the ‘Grannies’

You’re in the shop and you’ve turned your back for a split second to grab your tenth packet of wet wipes of the week off the shelf. You turn back and there’s a complete stranger peering into your baby’s pram.

Who is this randomer practically sitting in your Cosatto – and where did they come from? You swear you were alone in the aisle just minutes ago.

Every parent will recognise the situation. Since being jolted into the world of parenthood, you’ve suddenly become a stranger magnet. There is no cure.

nan 2
The grans don’t usually look as menacing as this – but this topic was too good an opportunity to miss sharing this fantastic pic of Nan showing off her new gnashers. Legend!

You might not factor it in, as you’ll have umpteen things buzzing through your mind in the lead-up to D-Day. But it’s certainly something to be aware of if you’re future parents.

We’re unashamedly mega proud of Albie. The extra attention is certainly a novelty, if only to confirm our bias isn’t misplaced and we’ve not bred a scary-looking Martian.

Most people are really nice and seeing a newborn transports them back to those happy moments when they were going through exactly what you’re experiencing.

One of our first trips out with Albie was to Morrisons down the road for a much-needed, energy-packed breakfast.

Now, as a general rule, any supermarket cafe is a hotbed for the doting granny. I say granny, as grandpas don’t appear to be infected with the same ‘I must go and speak/touch that baby’ impulse as their female counterparts. I say supermarket, as I’ve no experience of taking Albie to, say, M&S’s cafe. I don’t think I’d ever leave…

Said Morrisons cafe was the location for two rather contrasting granny encounters.

The first was a lovely moment, when a lady came over to speak with us (Albie) – but commented on ‘how strong our father/son bond appeared already. It was just nice to know she wasn’t picking me up on doing something stupid!

The second was one of few experiences that went a bit too far. I have nothing against the lady in question. She was very chatty and complimentary about Albie…on both the first, second and third chats she had with us while we were in the cafe.

All was going fine, if a little over the top, until she leant in and gave Albie a big kiss on his cheek. Yuck!

So, new parents, take in all the attention while it lasts. Just be careful they don’t kiss on the first date – and don’t turn your back on your child for a second!

The same folk will, no doubt, be tutting at Albie in a few years’ time when he’s lobbing sausages around the joint and screaming his lungs off when we tell him to have a little more decorum.

This gran’s well behaved…but she will insist on telling us how much Albie looks like my Grandad!




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