Why we’ve turned into ‘weight watchers’


Tonight we (Hanna) have been making colourful concoctions.

On the menu is spinach, pasta and chicken, as well as a a trio of broccoli, spinach and ‘cheese’. Cheese is in inverted commas because it’s special allergy cheese made with coconut – and no cheese I’ve ever recognised as cheese is made from tropical fruit.

We’ve not joined Weight Watchers. Instead, these delectable delights are for little Albie, whose latest weigh-in today fully put the emphasis on ‘little’.

Albie’s hospital stay and funny few days unsurprisingly meant he had lost weight in the last couple of weeks. Considering he’s never (convincingly) applied for any sumo wrestling jobs that I know of, losing weight isn’t really an ideal scenario.

All parents, certainly locally, get a little red book to plot their child’s health in – things like weight. Whoever makes those little books must make a mint. Anyway, the graph shows Albie as bottom of the pile weight-wise when it comes to comparing babies of the same age. He is to weight comparisons what West Brom is to the Premier League table.

Now he’s hopefully on the mend, it’s time to launch ‘Operation Fatten Child’.


We’re on the lookout for recipes with plenty of goodness, that are free of dairy, egg and soya. With the exception of the latter, to me they’re the main ingredients of a good meal but needs must!

Please let me know your suggestions for what we can cook to turn him from a Borrower to the Hulk…




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