Learning from experience: 12 birthdays a year

Babies and the Queen have at least one thing in common. Multiple birthdays.

This month I will be 27-and-one-month old. Sounds stupid, doesn’t it?

If you’re a baby, though, celebration of each month you’ve made it through is practically cause for a party.

The seven-month milestone, reached on Sunday

They even make special cards for the occasions and if you’ve not bought a pack, chances are any new parents will receive a copy from a kind-hearted friend as a present.

The cards are really useful if you’re a scrapbook type. What better way to document baby’s progress than a visual reminder of what point they’ve reached? It certainly saves time captioning everything.

It’s not just each month that deserves marking. Classics like ‘first time I slept through the night’ are ones to park for several months before whipping out.

A hefty chunk of milestones are included in each pack. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find useful ones such as:

  • First wee as Daddy’s changing my nappy, creating my premier ‘poo river’
  • First time Mummy thought you said a real word but definitely didn’t
  • First (and last) time I went to a party without mini ear defenders
  • First time I perforated Daddy’s ear drum with a high-pitched scream
  • When I did something at Nanny’s house that I never do at my house

Are you a parent who subscribes to the endless milestones, or do you manage to steer clear?

Just a day or two old. See, he has grown a bit…




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