Learning from experience: Our ear defender party regret

Turns out he loves parties as much as Daddy…

Meeting up with a friend who’s getting married in a couple of months at the weekend, I tentatively asked: “Will you be having a DJ?”

In hindsight this was a stupid question. Don’t all weddings have DJs? I’ve only ever attended one wedding and they had one, so I’ve got no precedent to contradict my assumption.

The answer was, of course, yes – but my reason for asking wasn’t because I was assessing whether I was interested in attending based on the evening’s entertainment.

Last month Hanna’s mum celebrated her 60th birthday party. With Hanna organising the shindig, Albie and I bore the brunt of the pointless pre-party stresses, such as ‘do the balloons look stupid’ and ‘will the paper plates look terrible next to the real ones’?

I generously agreed that the surprise party – not on her mum’s actual birthday because hers fell on a weekday – could be held on my birthday. This still didn’t exempt me from the organisational chaos beforehand!

In all the build-up, we hadn’t thought of one thing. How would Albie handle the situation?

Following the wedding theory, this party had a DJ, too. We learned DJs and unprepared six-month-old babies are not a match made in Heaven.

We hadn’t worried too much about how he would be. The late night wasn’t going to be an issue, as Albie’s ‘bedtimes’ are skewed by the fact he still currently co-sleeps with us.

Things seemed to be going well in the first instance. A natural flirt, Albie was merrily chatting to the first few guests. But as the room fell silent as his Nanny pulled up outside, the ensuing ‘SURPRISE’ shout from everyone not only shocked blindfolded Nanny but unsuspecting Albie, too.

It was downhill from there. When the DJ started up, his constant crying and refusal to settle was more like we’d left him alone with a room full of angry pit vipers than a celebratory occasion.

When the DJ packed up, he was instantly back to normal and loving life.

For the wedding, we’ll be investing in some ear defenders – and if you’ve been invited to a party and your little one will be in tow, it might be best to follow suit!

Fingers crossed for a more relaxing night out!

‘That balloon was how much?!’ Daddy was even less impressed when he was told his party contribution funded the balloon



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