Baby and Daddy sniffles: Hay fever or cold?


Summer is in full swing and so is my hay fever.

No matter the treatment, it’s usually no match when opposed by a high pollen count.

It was so bad tonight that as the water streamed from my agitated eyeballs, I had to reassure Hanna that I wasn’t balling over the last few minutes of that wretched Love Island!

At this point, the grumpy old man in me is crying out to scream: “Roll on winter!”

While not being a life-threatening condition, hay fever is certainly a pain in the, er, eyes, nose and throat. It’s like having a permanent cold all through the summer. If your daily diet is more Greggs sausage rolls than vitamin C-packed oranges, the wetter months are usually a permanent cold, too.

Having already started off with more allergies than is fashionable, I really hope Albie doesn’t develop hay fever, too.

But summer can be a confusing time for a sufferer. Is the streaming, blocked nose an aversion to plant puff, a cold or both?

Albie’s been a bit snuffly over the last day or two (it appears he creates something for me to write about each week!). Nothing major, just a watery eye which makes him look like he’s got a permanent gangster-style teardrop tattoo and a snotty nose. He’s absolutely fine, just a little damper.

Herein lies the questions. Does Albie have a cold? If he has a cold, is my hayfever a cold combo, or am I about to get the sniffles, too? Maybe I gave him the cold after all!

If I was a hypochondriac, I’d never sleep. As it happens, the only disturbance I get is a chubby finger poking me in the eye at 4am.

Apparently, we both still have to go holiday shopping tomorrow. Damn! 😛

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