Parenting and journalism phrases which should be banned

No, reader, it’s not a typo. It’s supposed to be a clever bone pun. Yes, it’s been a terribly slow news day – but thousands are reading that post you’re moaning about! 🤣

Before I became a parent a particular phrase really irritated me.

It was words to the effect of: “You’ll understand when you’re a parent.”

Always uttered by a parent, I was intrigued to know what superior mindset would come over me when I joined the elite club.

I would often hear this in relation to something like a traumatic event involving a child, or an everyday parental dilemma.


I always found it insulting, suggesting I could have no comprehension of the situation as my brain was 100 per cent ego.

And guess what? When I had a baby, nothing changed! I had no more insight. The only thing different was the sicky sprog was mine to worry about.

That didn’t mean I didnt have any empathy or understanding of others before, though.

Being a parent is different only in the fact you have a little one of your own to look after.

Don’t let anyone think you are not capable of the same level of understanding on any subject – just because you are not ‘in the club’.

The phrase joins ‘slow news day’ and ‘lazy journalism’ on my turd list.

These days, a journalist couldn’t be ‘lazy’ if they tried.

With a fraction of the colleagues they once had, they not only fill countless boxes (no, our papers aren’t all adverts!) but keep our 24-7 digital presence going.

They feed content-hungry websites with breaking news stories, film and edit videos, spread the word through social media before sourcing follow-ups and updates – and repeat the socialisation again.

If they’re unlucky, they’re off to a meeting in the evening, live tweeting it and taking simultaneous shorthand notes before uploading a summary to the website and heading home to a microwave meal.

Logging in the next morning, some smart being has pointed out a typo in the thousands of words filed that day – but in the 20 that made up their critique, there’s at least three errors and it’s all in caps…

Please, think twice before reaching for the standard insults!


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