All hail the oat cream, avocado and weird ‘cheese’

Raising a refluxy baby can be a bit dispiriting when it comes to charting their growth.

Regular readers will know that Albie gives new meaning to the phrase ‘tiny baby’, with everyone who meets him for the first time saying how ‘dinky’ he is.

Tracking along the 0.4th centile (the lowest line on the week-by-week growth chart) as stubbornly as he’s following the ‘no, I still don’t fancy my cot or crib’ approach, no matter what we’ve done, a growth spurt has not been forthcoming.

His recent hospital stay and mystery sickness blip even saw him lose weight, dropping from 13lb 7oz to 12lb 13oz last Monday.

This disappointing descent saw us kick-start ‘Operation Fatten Child’, focusing on food rather than the milk which was going in for minutes before deciding it missed us too much to stay down.

We’ve spent the week piling fattening foodstuffs into his gob, with everything from avocado to cows’ milk protein allergy-friendly oat cream, oat custard and cheese made from coconut (weird!).

After the big weigh-in this morning, we’re delighted to report that he had risen from 12lb 13oz to 13lb 10oz. For Albie, this was a gargantuan leap – and we’re super proud of him. I’m told Hanna even had to weigh him twice, then ask the health visitor if he had put on too much!

It’s been a positive week, with so little spewing I’m in danger of having to rename this blog ‘No Spews is Good News’.

He’s been taking his new tastes really well, so a poor weigh-in really would have been gutting. Hopefully it’s onwards and upwards.

Granted, gastric band surgery isn’t on the cards but baby steps at this stage are major progress.

Whatever this is, it’s working!


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