Albie firsts: England World Cup tension and Father’s Day indifference


Father’s day was never a big deal in our family that I recall – and neither was the equivalent for mums.

For many that will be an alien concept. Card shops must make millions from these annual events.

It may have been celebrated in my early years but as time went on, our all-round enthusiasm for the occasion dwindled.

I’ve never really understood the concept. Aside from the apostrophe (surely after the ‘s’!), why do mums and dads take precedence over other key family figures?

Think of all the help grannies and grandads provide, especially for us working parents – but how many of us mark their special day? They just get theirs lumped in with other mums and dads.

To me it’s all a big commercial con, without the significance of Christmas and Easter.

That seems a perfectly reasonable stance, yet the sheer number of those who do partake can make us non-believers unnecessarily feel a touch guilty.


Albie and I made the effort for Mother’s Day. Hanna values the day and it was her first.

Don’t get me wrong. Receiving a card yesterday was a cute touch. As it was my first, it was a special memory.

I never want Albie to feel like he needs to partake in my day when he grows up, though. Spending every day with him is good enough.

I was far more looking forward to introducing him to another first today.

It didn’t take him long to experience England World Cup drama. At least tonight he saw a rare first win for the Three Lions.

Onwards and upwards to Colombia tomorrow – Albie’s prediction for tournament winners!


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