Why our English household is ‘split’ over tonight’s big World Cup game


He might not be psychic but Albie appears to be somewhat of a lucky charm for some World Cup nations – including England.

It’s his first World Cup and full of positive spirits, his Daddy had told him all about how the wallchart (A Worthing Herald one, of course) will be a repeatable memory of English woe.

When he predicted an England semi-final appearance, before an admittedly shocking defeat to Morocco, I did think he’d lost it. Here we are, though, with some fans capable of forgetting ‘that night against Iceland’ charting our nation’s progress to glory.

Albie’s prediction of relative English success may not be far off the mark. To get there, he faces a conflict.

Background reading: Albie predicts the World Cup Winner

Mystic Monkey backed Colombia to win the whole thing. To the digital betting shop Daddy went, only to feel pretty silly when he put his quid on ‘beaten finalists’ Morocco instead. Like that was ever going to happen!

See below to see what this little number is all about

The dilemma is clear. Back the boy, revel in the South American side’s success and count the cash as millions flock to hear his next psychic predictions as they romp to assured victory? Alternatively, we back England as they move one step closer to the final – but admit his predictions weren’t worth the paper they were written on.

No, not a difficult decision, is it. Come on England!

If you read about his predictions, you’ll recall I vowed to treat him to some Colombian gifts.

I couldn’t let him down, so he’s now sporting an awesome babygrow adorned with the legends of the Colombian national side, haircuts and all.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s also making a start on some themed bedtime reading: Killing Pablo – a warts and all documentation of the Colombian drug lord’s rise and fall.

Bear and the Hare can wait for a week or two…


Disclaimer. We may or may not rule that this book is suitable reading!

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