Why do babies always fight tiredness?

Tired, not tired

For anyone who knows Albie, they will attest that he gives Mr Happy a run for his money in the smiley stakes.

Except when he’s tired.

Every baby will have their trademark telltale signs.

For Albie, he turns into a bit of a Grumpasaurus Rex. If he’s not rubbing his beady eyes, it’s usually time for a nap when he’s fidgety and screechy.

Normal adult humans will take the straightforward step of going to sleep. Not babies. Not Albie. Oh no!

Albie’s tactic is to act like you’ve sent him to bed without dairy-free dinner, on the night the long-awaited feature-length episode of Peppa Pig is screening at midnight – and all his little mates are going, so why can’t he?

We have this situation tonight. Turning himself into a mini radiator, he got in a right tizz and is now ‘cooling down’ in the bedroom preparing for shut eye…by laughing and rotating around like doner meat in a kebab shop!

Perhaps he just hates Love Island. A solid ploy if so, which I might steal. His monologue certainly made more sense!



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