‘It’s coming home’, IKEA might be coming and less sick is coming from Albie’s gob


Yo! Long time, no speak

It must be a while since I’ve updated this blog. My baby’s now trying to walk before he can sit, let alone stand, and something is apparently ‘coming home’. Whatever it is, I’m not convinced – but patriotically optimistic!

Of course, it’s football which is nearing its return to its accommodation. While that remains unresolved, though, in contrast it’s clear that at ‘home’ in my world, there’s been plenty of news and not many spews.

We seem to have begun to turn a corner with Albie. We have settled back into normal life after returning from Ibiza and it turned out the baby put on more weight than our cases, thanks largely to a diet of baked beans (on a bed of crushed banana, of course) and all-inclusive buffet dinners.

For two weeks in a row, Albie has managed to put on considerable weight. He’s rocketed almost to Fat Les proportions – sans bucket of vindaloo – going from 13lbs 10oz to 14lbs 7oz in just a couple of weeks.

It’s coming home and I’m going to walk around my home!

For what will probably be the a fluke period, he’s edged about the 0.4th centile line. By my calculations, if you put all the babies of Albie’s age in a line together, there would be at least half a baby in the queue smaller than him. Progress!

A post-holiday diet of fattening foods, coupled with a revised special milk recipe from the dietitians, has worked wonders. In terms of his milk, if it were alcohol, he’s gone from a shandy to a shot of absinthe, though unfortunately for Albie in his world, this means he’s just got a few more scoops of milk in less water.

All this food has reaped the spin-off benefit of producing less violent spews. Not eradicated the issue, of course; he left his sicky calling card on the hotel restaurant floor minutes before departing to the airport. On the whole, he’s doing really well on that front.

But we can’t have small doses of everything. As a result, the lack of spews has (in an unrelated development) been coupled with plenty of news back at work.

Becoming a content editor has, by the nature of the job, meant less reporting. This week has been different, with several topics prompting an experienced eye.


I don’t think many in the Worthing area would not yet have heard about plans for the first IKEA in Sussex. It’s been a long time since I sat in the media room at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club’s training facility and became one of the first people to officially know the Swedish furniture firm had firm plans to open in our area, courtesy of the club’s development project for land next door.

As I became privy to the early details of what has become probably the biggest development in the area’s history, I must admit underestimating the likely level of debate the plans would generate.

More than a year on and countless debates and developments later, next week will see the plans decided by the council. I’ve been preparing our special report outlining everything residents need to know for this week’s paper.

No, Mummy, I really wouldn’t. While we’re on the subject, though, why does ‘yoghurt’ need a capital letter? Tut…

As a local journalist specialising in politics, the job was often a lonely one. Nine times out of ten I’d attend meetings and sit on my tod in the public gallery, missing Love Island so others didn’t have to. I still think I got the better deal.

In the case of this IKEA debate, I won’t be directly reporting on my meeting, with our capable reporters taking my place. They won’t be alone, though, with hundreds expected to attend – and perhaps me in the public gallery as a neutral observer. It’ll be nice to have some company for a change…

Things are also moving on in the ‘where is Albie sleeping’ department. Answer? Crib…awkwardly!



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