Reflux returns with a vengeance


It’s been weeks – but it’s back.

No, not the new fantasy football season, though office banter has reached epidemic proportions. Reflux.

Albie has been doing so well recently. Lots of food is slowly turning his body type into ‘football’ shape, while less reliance on liquids had limited the number of times we arrived at a given public location and left it with a free sample of his stomach acid and biscuit cocktail.

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It’s been great. The only real mess is the nuclear situation that arises at mealtimes, when the IKEA high chair gets what looks like its daily mud massage.

But then it hit me, literally all over my torso. The projectile spew tribal pattern on my t-shirt was a welcome reminder that things still weren’t 100 per cent.

Reflux is a bit of a killer. It’s relentless, and not just in the way it creates a Snowdon-sized pile of muslins in your washing basket. Rather like Pringles, once they plop, they can’t stop!


It was all our fault this time. To keep reflux at bay, the most severely afflicted rely on a strict routine to keep things in check. For us, it’s a bumper dose of a drug called omeprazole, supposed to lower stomach acid, and a couple of scoops of wonder thickener, Carobel, in the ultra-thin special formula for Albie’s milk allergy.

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Given it’s one of our lifelines, we go through Carobel quicker than OCD Hanna whips through a bumper pack of floor wipes. I used to re-order it on Amazon, with Prime one-day delivery bailing me out on many a disorganised occasion.

On the move and likes to leave a trail of vomit wherever he goes…

After an argument with Amazon over the late arrival of a book on Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar I kicked that into touch, leaving me to fend for myself.

So when I ran out and forgot to re-order the stuff, no doubt the adviser I had argued with weeks before found it hilarious when Albie deposited his lunch on the dietician’s floor last week.

Until we had replacement Carobel, some three to four days later by the time I got my act together and took delivery of a panic-buy consignment of it, we had reverted back to spew land.

Since the last time this happened, Albie is much more active and on the point of crawling, so we’re delighted to now have a mobile sick factory!

I’ll just help myself to this massive kebab which Mummy definitely didn’t give to me but I swiped from the plate before they could be binned!

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And while this was all our fault, the only difference to his routine was the removal of the Carobel, a self-prescribed additive which we desperately turned to when we found his special milk was thinner than value bog roll.

Even without that, he’s still taking 15mg of omeprazole a day, a huge hike in the dose that he originally had before his hospital visit.

We’re chalking the last few days up as a blip, caused by a disruption of normal routine – despite the amount of milk he takes being limited by the addition of solid food. We question, though, whether the meds are doing their thing given such an explosive setback. It might be time for a checkup…

Has your baby struggled with reflux? Share your stories and let me know what solved it – and when. 

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