Is it time to scrap Bounty reps in hospitals? Not if we have anything to do with it…

Every picture in this blog post was possible thanks to one woman: a Bounty rep.

Each of them is a treasured, professional memento of the beginning of our little family’s life together, just a few hours after Albie was born.

But there’s not been a lot of love for the Bounty reps in recent days, with this article in our sister title – i – featuring those who would rather they weren’t bugging people at all. Click here for the full story.


The article, which is admittedly a good read, features several case studies. I would compare these to the types of tales all new parents receive when they break the news of their pregnancies. You know, the kind of horror tales of sleep deprivation and devil children, with little positive outlook.

It’s time to offer an alternative view.

Before I entertained having a baby, Bounty was simply a damn good chocolate bar. When Hanna told me we would get free goodies from Bounty, to be honest I was disappointed when it turned out to be stuff like sample tubs of Sudocrem rather than a year’s supply of coconut-centred candy.


The next thing I knew of Bounty was when we were back on the ward, rapidly trying to work out what on earth to do with our tiny bundle of joy.

While I appreciate it’s not a competition, we did feel like we were high on the leaderboard when it came to nightmare births, having spent eight stressful weeks expecting Albie’s arrival at any minute, two long, uneventful days of failed induction and a C-section and recovery period featuring more sick than Hanna will likely ever produce again.

If there was a time when we were open to a pressure sale, there won’t be a better chance to flog us some tat than the moment our Bounty rep rocked on up.


In reality, she succeeded, as we paid a handsome fee for a photographic package, in the region of £100. I can’t honestly say this was planned – but this was due to my own poor research of not knowing such a service was available!

We didn’t feel pressured at any time. In fact, our leisurely chat with our Bounty lady felt more like we were having a visit from a close family member, rather than a sales pitch.


She was first class, and while the quality of the experience is no doubt down to the individual, I’m sure she is not the only one who is a credit to the organisation. Clearly, there may have been some bad experiences but I suspect they are an exception, rather than the norm – and perhaps a bit of extra training or guidance would help in certain cases.

The benefit of hindsight is wonderful in times like this. Had we been tinged with regret about shelling out, I would understand why some people would rather not have Bounty bother.

On the contrary, our experience was one of the memorable moments from our nightmare pregnancy – and we will treasure the photos forever.

Keep up the good work, Bounty!



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