Making national news and finally cracking sleep after 11 months

Everyday life is pretty hectic at the moment – and that has impacted on how much I’ve been able to write recently.

But even then, a lot has been achieved in blog terms.

My last post leapt to the defence of pregnancy and parenthood company Bounty after it received a bit of a battering in the national media.

The i, a paper owned by the newspaper group I work for, carried numerous case studies of unhappy parents who felt they had been intruded upon by Bounty reps, who made an appearance soon after they’d given birth and tried to sell them stuff like photo packages.

I felt the coverage was too one-sided and was able to get our far more positive experience included in the coverage. You can read it here, while there’s also a link to my blog on the subject there.

Bounty has split opinion but there’s no doubt in our minds that they played an important part in our first few hours as a family

I still don’t think the whole debate on this has been particularly even-handed but I’m extremely grateful that our side of things has been included.

To the i’s credit, the two times I’ve contacted them through my work to get my blog posts included to add to debate, they have come through. That’s exposure few are lucky enough to be able to call upon.


Meanwhile, getting involved in a network of dad bloggers enabled me to share our story in a special interview on an excellent blog last week.

Headline Spews was featured on the Bringing Home the Baby blog, here, which allowed me to reflect on fatherhood and share some top tips.

It was exciting to see this come to fruition, as we penned our responses a while back and to see us finally featured was a lovely surprise and privilege.

Check out Bringing Home the Baby – it’s ace!

Inevitably, despite sending updates on how Albie was progressing before the article was published, the little monster insisted on doing more new stuff immediately after and rendering some of it out of date!

In the piece I admit that we’d not yet cracked sleep, not touching the expensive cot bed which we’d bought on day one.

Well, not only is he sleeping in it now, we’re putting him down at around 9pm and enjoying some relaxation time, catching up with the latest TV!

We’re definitely not complaining…

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