Pancake Day for food allergy babies

On the face of it, Pancake Day for a baby who doesn’t do milk or eggs appears about as compatible as me and a week-long trip to Death Valley.

I’m reliably informed the main ingredients of a regular pancake is flour, egg and milk. But this day is no longer reserved for Christians and those without complicated allergies – even vegans are now getting on board the pancake train.

Being Worthing’s polar opposite to its very own MasterChef champion Kenny Tutt, I have to admit I struggled to see how an inability to digest the chief ingredients of the pancake still qualified you to partake in Shrove Tuesday.


But fortunately there was a pancake fiend lurking in our house with a cunning plan.

There are plenty of recipes for dairy/soya/egg-free pancakes online, but Hanna used a concoction of 150ml sparkling water, three tablespoons of self-raising flour, and a teaspoon of baking powder for Albie’s alternative sweet treats.

A colleague of mine used flour, soya milk, baking powder, vanilla essence and golden syrup to achieve the same result. Soya milk was out of the question as an allergy red flag – but I guess oat milk or another type of milk would work equally well. We’ve even heard of mushed-up banana making a good base for batter.


A couple of minutes in the frying pan and a slathering of jam and a second pancake fiend in our house was born!

They were so highly rated that the mid-meal snack of peanut butter on toast, an old favourite, was tossed like one of my pancake efforts – straight on the floor.


It’s a good job the pancakes went down well. We’re on another mission to boost Albie’s calorie intake, with a period of brutal cold, together with his hospital stay, leading to another disappointing drop in weight.

Having weighed him this week, Hanna consulted the health visitor, advising them of his long and complex medical history, essentially an encyclopaedia of human allergies.

The advice? Feed him up on yoghurts and cheesy mash! The mind boggles, sometimes…

Equally strange was another medical experience, with its origins back at least a month. We’d taken Albie for a check up because of his funny coloured toenails. Nothing serious, but with his insistence in throwing up milk throughout his life, we’d wondered if it was a calcium deficiency.

A couple of weeks went by as we waited for the results of analysis of his clippings (no mean feat obtaining from a baby hell bent on his nails not being cut!), only for us to receive a call from the surgery to say they wanted to discuss our results…in four weeks’ time.

We waited until today when, by some miracle,they remembered to call us. And what was the advice they wished to impart? Nothing to worry about, nothing found on the clippings.

The medical profession does a phenomenal job and clearly needs some extra resources, but we wondered why we needed to wait so long for a two-minute phone call.

But one thing we did learn was that the dietician’s request from a month ago that he go back on a prescription milk had yet to filter through to the surgery. More chasing to be done…


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